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Speed MAPPing with University of Melbourne MAPPsters

I recently had the pleasure of delivering a workshop to help a student cohort build high quality connections as they commenced their Master of Applied Positive Psychology studies at the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne.

Speed MAPPing activity

Professor Lindsay Oades, Director of the Centre, invited myself, Roz Rimes and Rachel Taylor, (all Melbourne MAPP alumni) to deliver a workshop to the 60 students to:

  • Enable the students to connect with each other and build the relationships that are central to the power of the program, while also learning about High Quality Connections research and positive interventions around relationships.

We facilitated the group to make their first moments of connection matter. They put into practice the research that high quality connections - brief interactions characterised by vitality, mutuality and positive regard are vital to help us grow and perform at our best. This learning comes from Positive Organisational Scholarship research by Professor Jane Dutton, Ross Business School, University of Michigan.

We gave the group a powerful introduction, both in knowledge and embodied learning to High Quality Connections (HQC) and guided them through applying the science through facilitated speed connections in pairs. We focused on rapidly demonstrating trust, respectfully engaging, enabling one another to succeed and energizing the connection through play.

The highlight to bring the science to life, was giving the cohort the gift of a personal welcome message from Jane Dutton herself. Thanks Jane!

Speed MAPPing, provided a practical way to make HQCs a reality, that gave the students a boost of energy and elevated positive emotions that create a positive environment to learn faster and think broader. We planted seeds of connection that we hope the group will cultivate to form positive relationships. Good luck to the Melbourne MAPP 2018 cohort as they commence their studies and find ways to make a positive impact to our community.

If you want to to discover other ways to make high quality connections with others a reality, join the conversation at our Facebook group, HQCCoP.

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