Marcia Ryan, is the Founder of Wellbeing Works, who offer training programs and coaching services to organisations who want to use a strength-based approach to develop positive leaders, collaborative teams and resilient individuals so their workforce can feel good to perform well.

As a learning and development specialist, Marcia educates individuals, leaders and teams about ways to apply positive psychology principles at work to boost engagement and develop practices to enhance resilience. She teaches practical ways to boost employee wellbeing based on wellbeing science. 

Marcia has a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne, a Graduate Diploma of Instructional Design and a Bachelor of Education. She also has extensive experience consulting with leaders in a range of organisations to deliver organisational development solutions to enhance employee engagement, build high performing teams and to help improve organisational culture.


Marcia draws on this practical wisdom to help you identify the best learning solution for you and your organisation to build your people capability to think well, feel well and connect well with others to strengthen business performance.

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