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Transitioning through my new normal using positive psychology practices

It has been 11 weeks of working from home and here are 5 key things I've being focusing on to navigate a new way of living and begin transitioning back into the workplace and socialising as COVID-19 restrictions ease. I have proactively put into practice a healthy balance of safety measures to reduce risk AND wellbeing practices to remain resilient and psychologically, emotionally, socially and physically well.

  1. Gratitude - I will continue to be grateful I'm healthy and well and have a job. I'll be socially responsible and do the right thing - washing my hands, maintaining physical distancing and following government guidelines.

  2. Hope - I will continue focusing my energy and attention toward the good things about humanity this crisis has amplified - examples of human kindness, generosity and social connectedness to maintain my hope that tomorrow will be better than today and I have the ability to make it so.

  3. Optimism - I've managed my negativity bias by using the practice of disputing automatic negative thoughts, rumination and catastrophising so I can wisely challenge these unhelpful thinking patterns that get me feeling stuck and cause worry and stress. I use Seligman's ABCDE method to adopt helpful thinking practices, distinguish fact from fiction and approach uncertainty with realistic optimism.

  4. Connection - Crisis has amplified the importance of sticking together as humans. Despite being socially isolated, I have created new ways to stay connected with family, friends and work colleagues to show support, encourage inclusion and keep working as we navigate through transition challenges together. I am looking forward to reconnecting in person with others, reminding me how energising high-quality interactions are to my wellbeing.

  5. Presence - I've returned to a regular practice of mindfulness meditation with the help of the Mindful In May program that has helped me enjoy living in the moment, stopping to notice and savour the good things in my life. I've enjoyed working from home, being able to fully focus my attention on writing and designing programs as well as staying virtually connected. I've savoured slowing down, staying in, with time to learn, cook, exercise and enjoy family time.

I want to create positive change in my world, based on my lessons learned over the past 11 weeks. My new normal may continue to look different, but today I'm considering ways to take forward the lessons I've learnt, and craft my day into one that continues to have a healthy balance of safety measures and wellbeing practices. What positive change are you wanting to craft into your new normal?

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