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HQCCoP – The High-Quality Connections Community of Practice

What is a HQC?
A high-quality connection (HQC) is an interaction with another person, that energises you or inspires you to take action. A connection can be brief but they can make a powerful impact on helping one another to grow, learn, achieve and accomplish collaboratively. Knowing how to cultivate these can bring big benefits to individuals, colleagues, customers and communities.

What’s the HQCCoP group’s purpose?
The HQC Community of Practice (HQCCoP) is an online community for those with a passion for learning more about HQC research and how to put it into practice to make HQCs a reality at work. We share practical ways to build more collaborative and supportive working relationships that make a positive impact on workplace engagement and performance outcomes. Our practices are practical for application at work, but always grounded in the evidence based research from the field of Positive Organisational Scholarship and Positive Psychology.

Can anyone join?
Yes! Although a private Facebook group, anyone can join if they want to learn how to apply this research and put it into action to connect well to others and build positive relationships, one connection at a time. We encourage all members to actively share ideas and welcome collaborative conversations around great ways to connect well with others.

Join Us!
We would love you to be part of our HQCCoP community and look forward to welcoming you to the HQCCoP Facebook group!

•    Watch the welcome video from the committee - Marcia Ryan, Mary Ceccanese and Jane Dutton.
•    Join the HQCCoP Facebook Group
•    If you know someone who may benefit from being part of this community, then please share this with your network and invite others who may be interested, to also join the group.

We also offer training and coaching solutions for building HQCs!
Our Cultivating Collaboration™ program teaches practical ways to make HQCs a reality at work.
Find out more about the program or contact us  for coaching and consulting options.


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