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Cultivating Collaboration™

Build high-quality connections at work
Program benefits:
  • Boosts team cohesion, communication and connection

  • Increases team effectiveness

  • Cultivates supportive relationships

  • Fosters a collaborative team climate

  • Builds trust and mutual respect

  • Creates energy and uplift in teams

The Cultivation Collaboration™ program builds the capability in teams to rapidly connect and form strong, supportive relations that are the foundation to effective teamwork. They are pivotal in energising employees and creating psychological safety that is associated with increased employee engagement and  organisational performance.


Discover practical strategies to rapidly build the quality of connections between people at work and learn techniques that build trust, mutual respect, enables success and energises employees. These practices are quick and easy to implement into existing work practices using the tools and resources provided.

6 modules for sustainable, positive change

  • Cohere - Clarify the shared vision and align

  • Collaborate - Cultivate supportive work relations

  • Connect - Build trust

  • Communicate - Respectfully engage with others

  • Cooperate - Enable others to achieve & share success

  • Charge Up - Energise the quality of your connections

Suitable for:

Leaders, Project Leads
Leadership teams
Functional/Operational teams

Delivery options:

  • 60 min Keynote

  • 3 hr Workshop

  • Full Day Program 

  • Leadership coaching

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