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Ready & Resilient™

Build a bank of resources to manage stress at work
Program benefits:
  • Increased self-awareness and empowerment

  • Develop healthy foundations to build resilience

  • Better manage difficult people and situations

  • Improved problem-solving using reappraisal

  • Better decision-making under pressure

  • Broader coping strategies to bounce back from
    challenges and adversity

Workplace challenges due to competing priorities, information overload or ongoing change and uncertainty is unavoidable. How you
build your resilience to manage ongoing work pressure and learn to bounce back from challenges is what will make you feel better and be more effective. Learn practical skills to improve your mental fitness and build your resilience skills to manage stress and stay healthy and well.

The READY AND RESILIENT™ program provides a set of evidence-based practices to promote positive techniques to cultivate
resilience and bounce back from challenges. Learn practical techniques and create a resiliency plan to stay physically, mentally,
emotionally and socially well to manage stress and enhance workplace performance.

Suitable for:

Leaders, Project Leads
Leadership teams
Functional/Operational teams

60 min talk
3 hr workshop
3 x 3hr training program

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