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The High-Quality Connection card set is the perfect tool to foster positive relationships and strengthen how you connect with others, one interaction at a time. Each card provides practical strategies that individuals, teams, and organizations can put into practice that make high-quality connections (HQCs) a reality in their workplace.


Ideal for individual development, coaching or group facilitation in workplace and educational settings. Individuals, coaches, educators, managers, HR personnel or anyone wanting to positively engage with others, will find this card set invaluable. 


These evidence-based strategies are based on Jane Dutton's research of high-quality connections.


Dutton, J. E. (2003). Energize your workplace: How to create and sustain high-quality connections at work. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

High-Quality Connection Cards

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  • The deck of 44 cards include suggested uses to elevate your interactions with others. Each card contains practical tasks to put into action or use as discussion prompts for groups.

    There are five suits in the deck:

    Four provide pathways to build HQCs and elevate interactions:

    • Respectful Engagement
    • Task Enabling
    • Trust
    • Social Play and 

    Toxicity Tamers  offer ways to help tame toxic connections that can have a negative impact on working relationships, undermine dignity, and deplete energy, reducing effectiveness.

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