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Practice Positive Leadership

Lead others using a strength-based approach to bring out the best in others
Program benefits:
  • Develop greater self-awareness to better manage challenges and build resiliency

  • Create habits that promote optimism and positivity

  • Boost engagement by identifying and using team strengths to achieve business goals.

  • Communicate effectively and build high-quality relationships with stakeholders

How can leaders guide teams so they perform at their peak that leads to improved productivity?

This program introduces mindsets and practices that leaders can implement to create positive change in their leadership style and influence others to play to their strengths to enhance their performance, wellbeing and resiliency to ongoing change. Develop strength-based leadership practices to be more self-aware, better communicate with others and build stronger work relations with stakeholders and team members.

Great for team leaders and anyone desiring to positively influence others to create a team climate that is optimistic, supportive and engaging that not only creates a positive workplace, but leads to improved business outcomes.


Suitable for:

Functional/Operational teams

Leaders, Managers,


Leadership teams

60 min talk
3 hr workshop
Full Day program

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