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Wellbeing Works Newsletter - Nov 2017

Why making time to stop and connect well at work matters

Our connections with other people impact how we feel in the moment and influence the quality of our relationships that impact our wellbeing. Wellbeing Works has been busy helping clients make every moment count to connect well and build great teams that effectively communicate and collaborate. Why bother? Research shows high quality connections improve team performance and intentionally create a work climate that promotes building supportive and positive relationships. Connecting well with others in our daily work interactions is key to enhancing employee engagement, reduces stress and helps build resources to be more resilient when facing workplace challenges, transition and change.

If you'd like your group, leaders or organisation to profit from the benefits of building capability to better connect and collaborate, book/enquire about our Cultivating Collaboration program. Participants develop 5 key skills to better connect based on research from the field of Positive Organisational Scholarship. Book/enquire here

Collaboration Sessions:

Recently, I shared practical ways to rapidly build high-quality connections to enhance teamwork with members of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) Organisational Design & Development Network. The conversations below began with the prompt: Share a photo of something that is important to you and explain why.

I delivered a workshop at the Melbourne LAST Conference, for lean, agile and systems thinking practitioners. I presented practical ways for project teams to quickly align, rapidly foster connections, improve communication and create a psychologically safe environment to share ideas, fail fast and help each other succeed. Notice them putting the practices into action and the energy it created!

Join our HQCCoP Facebook Group

I've established an online community in collaboration with Mary Ceccanese from the University of Michigan and one of the leading high-quality connections researcher, Jane Dutton, for sharing ways how to make positive connections a reality at your workplace and I'd love you to join us! If you would like to discover what people from all around the world are doing to build positive relationships in the workplace to boost wellbeing, build resilience and achieve better business outcomes, then join our High-Quality Connections Community of Practice (HQCCoP) Facebook Group. This online community of practice, share practical ways to apply the research to make high-quality connections a reality at work. Join the HQCCoP group here, or watch this 4 minute video, from the Center of Positive Organizations Facebook page, where Jane Dutton explains high-quality connections and their importance for organisational performance.


Manage stress and build resilience

What causes you or your colleagues to experience stress at your workplace? Are you able to proactively build your resources to better manage these ongoing daily stressors and develop resiliency skills to bounce back from setbacks? Do you want to feel confident to move forward to continue to perform and also take care of your personal wellbeing? If you would like to develop resiliency skills, then get in touch to book/enquire about our very popular Ready & Resilient program. If you are looking for positive practices to feel good and function well at work, then the IMPROVE your Wellbeing program will provide practical ways to boost your wellbeing.

Resilience and Wellbeing sessions:

Teams who work in hospital emergency services, can experience high levels of work stress due to unknown workloads, uncertainty and high care roles. I recently shared positive practices for restoring, refocusing and re-energising in order to stay healthy and well with the Zoos Victoria Wildlife Services team so they can continue to be of service to others and support one another. My bonus was to savour the beautiful surroundings at Healesville and get up close and personal with a pygmy possum.

Ongoing changes and business restructure can cause uncertainty and challenges to many of us. Downsizing, outsourcing and mergers are external factors that impact our employment, career and our wellbeing. Our self-confidence can be shaken to its core and we need to identify what positive actions we can take to work through challenging situations as we transition into new roles or the next career move. Team leaders and team members from IAG who participated in our Ready & Resilient workshop, said they felt much more confident to manage the challenge of transitions and change and had a toolkit of techniques to draw upon to reduce stress and increase their wellbeing.



We have refreshed our website, giving it a cleaner look, and added more information about our program offerings and services. It really needed some love and attention and we are most grateful to our web designer for all their work, perseverance and creativity. Take a look at the refreshed site and tell us what you think.

Latest Offers

Free event! If you are interested in hearing about how to be happy and find meaning in the digital age, then come along to a free talk in Melbourne, on November 14th, by Michael Steger, a psychology professor who knows a lot about what makes life more meaningful. Come along from 4.30 - 6.00pm to visit my booth to chat and find out more about my programs and services before Michael's talk begins at 6.00pm. Book here.


Wellbeing Works - Providing science-based wellbeing programs, workshops and coaching services to improve employee engagement, build resilience to manage change and enhance team collaboration for business success.

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