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Discover practical ways to foster positive relationship with others - one interaction at a time

This Facebook Group, is for like minded people who are passionate about learning about high-quality connections (HQCs) and ways to apply this theory into the work we do and relationships we have. We share experiences, offer support and seek help for applying and implementing HQC practices to benefit organisations, schools, homes and communities.


Founded by Marcia Ryan and Mary Ceccanese, with advisory support from ​Professor Jane Dutton.

Join the conversation: 

Presenting Workplace Collaboration at the 6th International Positive Psychology World Congress

I presented my 'Cultivating Collaboration' workplace program to over 300 delegates from around the world who were seeking practical ways to apply positive psychology into organisations

3 Takeaways tips: 

1. Listen to the business need and tailor fit solutions

2. Build a business case for the intervention or program 

3. Offer flexible delivery solutions

Ready & Resilient™ workshop delivered to leaders in the building and construction industry

Proactively create healthy habits that build resilience and help you manage work stress and demands. The Ready & Resilient™ workshop helps you bounce back when challenges arise.

“I now have some techniques to follow that will create some thinking space so I don’t react automatically and get fired up when issues arise on site.” Team Supervisor

Positive Practices at Work

Conference speaker at the AME (Australian Manufacturing Excellence) conference to share positive practices to embrace change and drive productivity ​ Learn practices to implement at work to build optimism and enhance engagement. Balance out negativity with evidence backed positive practices.

“Relevant and innovative". These practices can be quickly applied back at my work. – Conference delegate.

Cultivating Collaboration™

Conference speaker at LAST Conference, Melbourne (Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking) - Rapidly Cultivating Team Collaboration. ​ Boosts team cohesion, communication and connection required for team effectiveness and collaboration.

Spot me in the conference highlights video:

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