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IMPROVE Your Wellbeing™

Create positive pathways to feel good and perform at your peak
Program benefits:
  • Increase self-awareness of strengths to empower, motivate and engage fully at work

  • Boost positivity, energy and optimism

  • Grow confidence to manage change, build resilience and take positive steps to stay well.

  • Create clear pathways and choices for increasing health, happiness and resilience.

Learn practical skills to better deal with daily challenges and work stress and improve your resilience and wellbeing. Build a toolkit of practices to then create your own individual wellbeing plan. Be more mentally, emotionally, socially and physically healthy to boost positivity, be more engaged and energised to perform at your peak. This strength-based approach amplifies what's great about you, builds on what's working well and helps you nurture healthy habits to support and maintain your wellbeing.

The IMPROVE Your Wellbeing™ program provides a set of wellbeing activities based on Seligman's PERMA wellbeing theory.

Learn how to:

P - boost your positivity and manage negativity
E - feel more engaged and energised at work and in your life
R - connect with others to build supportive relationships
M - clarify what brings meaning and purpose in your activities
A - set great goals and identify pathways to achieve success
H - highlight healthy habits that support good physical fitness and energy

Suitable for:

Groups and teams
Leadership teams
HR, Wellbeing Managers

60 min talk
3 hr workshop
3 x 3hr training program

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