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Executive Coaching
We provide executive coaching and leadership services. Packages are available for:
  • Strength-based leadership – develop your own and others

  • Improve your own wellbeing and resiliency - cultivate healthy habits at work to feel better and function well

  • Great goal setting & implementation - grit, motivation and growth – making it stick.

  • Optimism and positivity boosters – Manage workplace negativity and disengagement – create positive change

  • Cultivate positive relationships for better business outcomes – connect, collaborate and energise

  • Customise how we can best support your development.

Executive coaching is a great way to ensure that individuals maximise their potential and have support to create positive change. Marcia coaches individuals to identify challenges, create energising goals and supports strength-based development to achieve positive growth and manage change. She coaches individuals to build positive practices to function better and enhance performance and supports sustainable change using tools and techniques that can be applied immediately back at work for meaningful change.


Marcia has extensive experience working with individuals at all levels within large and small businesses. She has experienced coaching leaders and groups of leaders when embedded within organisations and providing coaching services as an external coach. She has worked with leaders within manufacturing, banking and finance, insurance and superannuation, energy services, higher education, building and construction, IT, health services, agriculture, education, small business and more.


Marcia’s strengths include her ability to connect quickly and understand your need and the business context of your challenge.  She encourages you to become more self-aware and increase your effectiveness by providing you with tools and techniques to embrace change and improve your professional leadership skills. Marcia uses a strength-based approach to coaching, drawing out the strengths of the individual and incorporating wellbeing principles of Positive Psychology and Positive Leadership theory to create sustainable strategies to produce positive results for her clients and those with whom they come in contact.

Get in touch directly with Marcia to discuss your coaching needs.

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