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Elevate your Emotional Intelligence™

Foster positive relationships - become more self-aware and other aware
Program benefits:
  • Identify and manage emotions to think and act more

  • Be more socially aware to create the emotional
    climate you wish to create for your team.

  • Develop empathy to build stronger relationships

  • Guide others to manage their emotions at work to
    perform effectively

The way we navigate our relationships and stressful situations is often a marker of our success. Developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills builds better relationships and helps you work well with others – skills that have clear links to individual performance and the ability to create a positive emotional climate in your team that supports high performance.


This program introduces participants to EI concepts and skills to become more self-aware - to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions intelligently to enable better decision-making.


It also helps you become more other aware - to effectively listen and empathise for greater communication and collaboration with your colleagues and clients.

Suitable for:

Functional/Operational teams
Leaders, Managers, HR, OD
Leadership teams

60 min talk
3 hr workshop
Full Day program

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