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Positively Performing Teams

Create team cohesion, communication and connection for high performance
Program benefits:
  • Build team cohesion - align to a shared purpose and vision

  • Enhance communication and build high-quality connections

  • Boost engagement by identifying and using team strengths

  • Promote strength-based practices to boost team collaboration and innovation

Do you wish to create a team climate that energises and engages team members to contribute and work cohesively toward shared goals to achieve business outcomes? Draw upon evidence based ways to build positive change in your team. Kick start or reset team communication and shared purpose. Create clarity of the team vision, values and guiding attributes that will drive team success.


This program introduces participants to strength-based practices that rapidly aligns team members to a shared vision and draws out the diversity of strengths within the group to better problem solve and achieve team goals. Learn ways to better connect, communicate and work cohesively to achieve success.


Great for team leaders and teams wishing to cultivate more collaborative teamwork practices and create a positive workplace. .

Suitable for:

Functional/Operational teams

Leaders, Managers,


Leadership teams

60 min talk
3 hr workshop
Full Day program

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