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Consulting Services

Not sure what you need or how to go about creating positive change?  Reduce your stress and let us sort it out for you. If you seek assistance to determine the best solution to meet your needs, then get in touch so we can provide expert advice on how to make it happen.

We design practical solutions that are evidence based

We put positive psychology research to work and provide practical applications to build capability in your people to improve individual wellbeing and resilience to boost engagement and cultivate team collaboration for effective team performance that leads to business performance gains.With a lifelong career in organisational development and learning design, Marcia combines her positive psychology expertise with skills in creating learning resources and tools for leaders, teams and individuals to use back at work for capability uplift and sustainable, positive change. We help you create solutions to fit your needs and align to your strategic goals. We provide practical recommendations to build the skills in your workforce to feel good, function well and cultivate collaborative work relationships that supports sustainable, positive change.

We can tailor fit to suit your style

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution to enhance the wellbeing and resiliency of employees. There are numerous activities that support positive change and we use wellbeing theory and frameworks to guide our recommendations. We have a toolkit full of evidence based research and practices so you can quickly take action to create positive change. Presentations, workshops, programs with bite-size learning modules or hands on, fun team development day activities, are just some ways we share practices that boost engagement, foster collaboration and improve wellbeing and performance.

We love to collaborate

We can work with you to deliver solutions that support existing learning and development solutions or change initiatives at your workplace or in your business network. Get in touch to see how we can apply our expertise and assist you.

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