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Play to your Strengths™

Maximise your potential for peak performance
Program benefits:
  • Identify your strengths and ways to use them

  • Capitalise capability for faster growth and development

  • Increase job satisfaction and reduce stress

  • Increase team effectiveness and performance

  • Better understand strength diversity within teams

  • Be more adaptable to change, and more creative and proactive problem solvers

Do you play to your strengths and those of your team? That is, the things you are good at and enjoy doing? Research has found, those who put their strengths to work, are six times more likely to be engaged on the job and teams that focus on strengths have lower staff turnover, higher productivity and more satisfied customers.


Play to your Strengths™ helps you identity strengths and then utilise them at work to maximise the potential in you and your team. This helps boost employee energy, engagement and productivity. If you want to be more confident, develop faster, be more creative and agile at work and experience more meaning in your work, then it’s time to play to your strengths in addition to managing your weaknesses. This program uses strength-based tools to identify your strengths and provides resources to help you put them to work for individual, team and business benefits.

Suitable for:

Functional/Operational teams
Leaders, Managers, HR, OD
Leadership teams

60 min talk
3 hr workshop
3 x 3hr training program

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